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Consolidated Cash Flow
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Consolidated Cash Flow

Managing the financial health of multiple companies is simpler and more insightful with Cash Flow Frog โ€“ Consolidated Cash Flow.

This revolutionary addition empowers you to effortlessly merge data from multiple companies and currencies into a single, comprehensive cash flow forecast. By doing so, you can unlock a range of benefits that allow you to make smarter financial decisions and plan ahead more effectively.

Getting Started with Consolidated Cash Flow

Setting up your consolidated cash flow in Cash Flow Frog is as easy as 1-2-3. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Access Consolidations: In the top right corner of the dropdown menu, locate and click on the "Consolidations" option.

  2. Create a Consolidated View: Name your consolidated view for clarity (e.g., "Consolidated Report - Companies A+B").

  3. Select Companies: Choose the companies you want to include in the consolidated view. This allows you to customize the data contributing to your comprehensive cash flow forecast.

  4. Save and Review: Once you've configured your preferences, click the "Save" button. Your consolidated cash flow forecast will be ready for you to explore.

  5. Your Cash Flow Frog interface has been updated with a new consolidation tab.

In Conclusion

Consolidated Cash Flow is a groundbreaking addition to the Cash Flow Frog toolkit, designed to streamline your financial management across multiple companies. By providing an integrated view of cash flow forecasts, this feature empowers you to optimize fund utilization and plan for the future with greater confidence.

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