Sage Intacct Setup Guide

Learn how to connect Cash Flow Frog to Sage Intacct

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This guide will walk you through the following steps for connecting Cash Flow Frog to Sage Intacct:

  1. Prerequisites

    Connecting Cash Flow Frog to Sage Intacct requires full admin access to Sage Intacct.

  2. Create a Cash Flow Frog Sync Role

    1. Go to Company > Roles (Admin tab)

    2. Click on the Add button.

    3. Create a role for Cash Flow Frog sync.

    4. Include read-only permissions to the following modules:

      1. Company

      2. Cash Management

      3. General Ledger

      4. Accounts Payable

      5. Accounts Receivable

      6. Inventory Control

      7. Order Entry

      8. Purchasing


    5. Click on the Save button to create the role.

  3. Create a Web Services User

    1. Go to Company > Web Services Users (Admin tab)

    2. Click on the Add button.

    3. Fill in the user information form including:

      1. A unique user ID which will be used by Cash Flow Frog to sync with Sage Intacct.

      2. Select Business for User type.

      3. Select Off for Admin Privileges.

    4. Go to the Roles information tab and add the Cash Flow Frog Sync role.

    5. Go to the User entities tab and enable access to top-level.

    6. Click on the Save button to create the user.

  4. Web Services Authorization

    1. Go to Company > Company (Setup tab)

    2. Click on the Edit button, switch to the Security tab and scroll down to the Web Services authorizations section.

    3. Click on the Add button, enter CashFlowFrog in the Sender ID box and click Save to create the new web service.

  5. Connecting Cash Flow Frog

    1. Sign in to your Cash Flow Frog account or sign up if you don't have an account yet.

    2. Go to the new company page and create a new Sage Intacct company.

    3. Complete the company settings form including:

      1. Your Sage Intacct company ID.

      2. The web services user ID and password from previous steps.

    4. That's it - wait while Cash Flow Frog syncs your data.

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