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VAT/GST in Cash Flow Frog
VAT/GST in Cash Flow Frog

Learn how to incorporate VAT/GST returns into your cash flow forecast.

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Cash Flow Frog supports cash flow forecasting of VAT/GST returns for QuickBooks Online companies from the UK and Australia and Xero companies from the UK, Australia and New-Zealand.

Once enabled, VAT/GST returns from bills, invoices, expenses sales and projections will be calculated based on the rate and period setting and incorporated into your cash flow forecast based on the payment date setting.

To get started, simply click on the VAT or GST metric on the status bar:

Go over the default settings for your country and see if you need to make any changes:

When you're done click on the Save Settings button.

Now you can see the future VAT/GST payments which are now part of your cash flow forecast:

You can edit or exclude specific payments, and also click on the transaction list icon and see the breakdown of the calculation:

You can also use the breakdown dialog to exclude specific projections for VAT/GST calculation.

To change VAT/GST settings click on the More Settings button on the top right corner of the screen:

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