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FAQ - Cash Flow Frog and Xero
FAQ - Cash Flow Frog and Xero

Read answers to frequently asked questions.

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Q: How often does Cash Flow Frog sync with Xero?

A: Cash Flow Frog pulls the relevant data from Xero right after the connection is established for the first time and then updates it on a daily basis.

Q: Is there any setup required after connecting a company?

A: No setup is required. Cash Flow Frog creates your forecast automatically based on the data that was pulled from Xero.

Q: When I make changes on Cash Flow Frog, does it affect the data on Xero?

A: No it doesn't. Creating, editing or deleting items on Cash Flow Frog does not affect your Xero data.

Q: Do you provide support?

A: Yes. We provide support 7 days a week via in-app chat and email.

Q: Do you provide training?

A: Yes. You can book a 1x1 remote training session from the app after you connect your company.

Q: Can I change the dates of transactions in the forecast?

A: Yes. You can easily modify the expected payment dates of bills, invoices and projections in the forecast. You can also edit the amounts and exclude items. The changes you make do not affect your Xero data.

Q: What kind plans do you offer?

A: We offer free, standard and pro plan levels as well as accountant plans for multiple companies. Prices start at $29/month and depend on the size of the company and for accountant plans also on number of companies. All plans are available as monthly, yearly and two year subscriptions.

Q: Do you offer report branding?

A: Report branding is available for accountant plans.

Q: Can I change account types?

A: Yes. Account types are created automatically based on your Xero accounts, however you can change them without affecting your accounts on Xero.

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