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How Cash Flow Frog works with Xero
How Cash Flow Frog works with Xero

Learn how Cash Flow Frog integrates with Xero to create your cash flow forecast.

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Cash Flow Frog helps you visualize your cash flow and plan ahead based on accounting data it pulls from Xero.

The first important thing to understand is that Cash Flow Frog only pulls data from Xero and doesn't modify it, so when you create, edit or delete items in Cash Flow Frog the changes do not affect the data in your Xero account.

Cash Flow Frog pulls the following data from Xero:

  1. Organization settings - this includes basic company information such as name, industry, address, time zone and general accounting settings.

  2. Accounts and balances - all company accounts and their current balances from the balance sheet.

  3. Contacts - customers and vendors.

  4. Bank transactions - transactions in which money is pulled from or deposited into bank accounts.

  5. Items - all sold and purchased items.

  6. Bills and invoices - repeating and non-repeating bills and invoices.

The data is pulled when the company is connected for the first time and it is updated on a daily basis.

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