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Learn how to connect your QuickBooks Desktop company to Cash Flow Frog

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Cash Flow Frog's forecast is based on data from the QuickBooks company file.

  • The QuickBooks company file is where QuickBooks stores all the information and accounting data for a specific company.

The setup is performed on the same computer where the company file is located - if the company file is located on a server, connect remotely to that server to complete the setup.

The data is sent to Cash Flow Frog using the QuickBooks Web Connector.

  • The QuickBooks Web Connector is a free desktop application provided by QuickBooks that enables web applications to exchange data with QuickBooks.

Checking if the QuickBooks Web Connector is Already Installed

Complete the following steps to check whether or not the Web Connector is already installed on your system:

  • Click on the Windows key

Windows key
  • Start typing "web"

  • If you don't see the Web Connector on the list follow the instructions below to install it.

Installing the Web Connector

If the Web Connector is not installed on your system, complete the following steps to install it:

  • Download the installer from this link.

  • Extract the .zip file.

  • Right-click on the QBWebConnectorInstaller.exe file and select Run as administrator.

  • Complete the installation.

  • Repeat the steps under "Checking if the QuickBooks Web Connector is Already Installed" and make sure you see it on the list this time.

Configuring the Web Connector to connect to Cash Flow Frog

In order for the Web Connector to send data to Cash Flow Frog you will need to a .qwc file and a password.

  • The .qwc file is a configuration file used by the Web Connector for communicating with a web-service (in our case with Cash Flow Frog).

  • The password is used by the Web Connector for authenticating with the web-service and is provided separately for security reasons.

Complete the following steps to obtain the .qwc file and password:

  • Click the "QWC file" link to download your .qwc file.

  • Click the "this password" link and paste the password in a temporary file.

  • Remember the locations of the .qwc file and password for the next step.

Next - add Cash Flow Frog to the Web Connector:

  • Make sure that QuickBooks is running and open with the company file that you want to connect to Cash Flow Frog.

  • Start the Web Connector (Click on the Windows key, start typing "web" and click on the Web Connector icon).

  • Click the "Add Application" button on the bottom right part of the Web Connector.

  • In the file browser open the location of the .qwc file and select it.

  • At this point QuickBooks will pop up an authorization dialog. Click "OK" to proceed.

  • Copy the Web Connector password from the text file (or to the clipboard from your account) and paste it onto the password box.

  • Mark the checkbox and click the "Update selected" button to trigger the first data update.

  • The first data update may take a long time to complete depending on the amount of data in your company file and the compute and network resources available on your computer.

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