Cash Flow Frog automatically generates a cash flow forecast that is comprised of outstanding bills and invoices.

However you can add any kind of transaction to the forecast simply by clicking on the green "add a projection" button in the top right corner of the forecast screen:


Clicking on the button will open the "Projection" wizard:

Enter the following details "Projection" wizard:

  • Amount - positive for cash inflow or negative for cash out flow.
  • Type -  choose the relevant category in the drop-down menu (the list is based on your QuickBooks accounts).
  • Details - free text to display in the cash flow table.
  • Repeat - recurring transactions will appear multiple times in the forecast based on the selected pattern (daily / weekly / bi-weekly / semi-monthly / monthly or on a quarterly basis).
  • Date - the date in which the transaction should be placed in in the forecast. 

After entering the transaction's details click "Save" and the transaction will be added to the forecast.
Projections can be easily identified in the transactions tables as the source will be "Projection"

Projections can be edited or deleted just like any other type of forecast transaction.

A projection is removed from the forecast when the date has arrived in order to prevent duplicates.
For example:
Say today is January 1st and you created a new transaction for January 29th.
The transaction will appear in the forecast until January 28th, but on the 29th. it will be removed from the forecast.

You can view your total number of projections on the top of the forecast screen.

Click on the projections number on the top of the forecast screen to see all of your projections:

All of the projections can be edited or deleted.

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