Bills balance

You can view your total current outstanding bills balance on the top of the home screen.

Click on the bills balance on the top of the home screen to see all of your outstanding bills:

Expected date
By default all outstanding bills are placed in the forecast based on the bill due date (as pulled from QuickBooks), 

For example, say we have an outstanding bill due on July 10, and today is June 15.
By default the open bill will appear in the forecast on July 10.

If you think that you will pay it late or early you can change the expected date it will be placed in the cash flow forecast.

the expected date can be edited one by one or in bulk.

Bills that are past due will be placed on the first day of the forecast (tomorrow) until you change the expected date , closed or deleted.


If you don't plan to pay a bill at all you can delete it from the forecast (you can always undelete it).

Once an bill outstanding balance is closed in QuickBooks it will be removed from Cash Flow Frog's Bills list.

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