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How Does The Forecast Work?

Learn how the cash flow forecast is created.

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Cash Flow Frog automatically generates a cash flow forecast based on data imported from your accounting software.
The generated forecast is comprised of the following types of transactions:

  • Outstanding bills and invoices imported from QuickBooks. By default, all outstanding bills/invoices are placed in the forecast based on the bill due date (as pulled from QuickBooks), 

  • Projections generated by Cash Flow Frog's forecasting algorithm or manually added transactions (one-time or recurring) created by the user.

The forecast is updated on a rolling basis and reflects cash flow changes due to updates in QuickBooks or projections.

All forecast transactions can be edited (date, amount and details) or deleted.
Please note that adding, editing or deleting forecast items on Cash Flow Frog does not affect the data in your QuickBooks Online account.

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